We are exclusive representatives of the best injection machinery and complementary peripherals manufacturers and we have great experience and knowledge about the complete process of plastic injection, with a strong presence in the Spanish market

krauss Maffei

German manufacturer of Premium injecters, leader in the sector. Maximum technological products, high production, precision and with low power consumption, KraussMaffei offers solutions for different market sectors such as: automotive, packaging, electric/electronic sector and medical-sanitary applications. Their activity also includes manufacturing robotic systems

Leader in the development and manufacturing of equipment for storage, drying and transport, as well as the raw and additive mixing, granza and powder

World specialist in big installations for the automotive industry, medical industry and packaging industry to feed processing plants


World reference in equipment for injectors and molds for cooling with the highest technology to reach the minimum electrical consumption and the maximum benefits, applicable to other applications in the plastic industry as well

German manufacturer of complete units and grind systems, clean systems for recycling in the plastic industry, with maximum durability and quality in their components

Leader in the manufacturing and development of water tempering systems, pressurized water and oil, always “Swiss Made”

MTF develops and produces standard solutions as well as customized, transportation belts and separation systems for plastic injection processes, as well as for other applications


Solutions for the most optimal handling of bulk materials with the prevention and reduction of impurities, improving the quality of final products for customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and food industries.