Competitive and high technical level solutions for the preparation and processing of plastic or rubber

krauss Maffei

Machinery for the extrusion of thermoplastics, PVC and rubber for profile applications, sheet, granza, foam, hose and pipe, as well as peripherals for the complete automation of the production

Complete transport systems, mixing, dosing, drying and additives for raw materials. Extrusion engineering systems, compounding and chemical industry.

Screen changers, diverting valves, gear pumps and underwater cut systems

Provides units and complete grind systems and automation for the plastic industry

Infrared drying, special silos, mixing technology and transportation of solids


Equipment and cooling systems for all kind of applications in the plastic industry

Liquid thermoregulation equipment to temper molds, machines and tools

Strand pelletizing of plastics

Inspection and measurement systems for plastic sheets, films and pellets


Solutions for the most optimal handling of bulk materials with the prevention and reduction of impurities, improving the quality of final products for customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral and food industries.