Coscollola is a solid family business with more than 60 years of experience in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, specially in the sectors…


The experience of having been a mold manufacturer and also a machinery selling business provides us with global knowledge of the technology of the products we sell and of the different…


The human team of Coscollola is formed by 30 people with more than 15 years of experience in this sector. Our Management team, Area Directors and a technical staff with a…

Machinery for the Plastic Transformation


Coscollola is leader in the sector of machinery for the plastic transformation thanks to two determining factors: our wide and proven experience in the sector and the great dynamism of our human team. Only in this way, you can became a reference

Injection Machine and Peripherals

    We help to define the necessary and suitable equipment for each application, with a wide offer of machines and peripherals.

Extrusion Systems

    We offer advice on the different extrusion processes and we offer machinery and peripheral “turnkey”, as well as units.

After Sales Service

    We offer commissioning service and delivery of all the equipment sold, technical service and spare parts sale, preventive maintenance and technical training for the staff.

In Coscollola, we have always had the same principle: There is no small or big customer, only customers who need solutions.

Our market is basically in Spain, where there is an important concentration of companies related to the plastic industry.

Moreover, we have recently introduced some of our products in the Portuguese market and occasionally, we also sell in South America and Eastern Europe.

Post sales
Commissioning of the devices,
Technical service and spare parts sale,
Preventive maintenance and
Staff technical training